Egill Bjarnason


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Seal hunting

Age and Kristian search for a ringed seal spotted nearby. Seal hunting is traditionally the backbone of the local hunting trade, but as international prices for seal pelt continue to decline, the huntings are becoming unsustainable.
Drifting ice

As big as a football field, icebergs calf from the Inland Ice and drift out of Scoresby Sund, the world’s longest fjord.
Narwhal trade

Menna, visiting from Greenland's capital Nuuk, buying ten kilos of mettek, narwhal blubber, from a local hunter in Ittoqqortoormiit. "You can hardly buy this in Nuuk anymore, at least not for this price."
No soil

The cemetery in the rocky landscape of Ittoqqortoormiit.
The Bar

Ittoqqortoormiit’s only bar is only open on Fridays.
Evening stroll

Ingeborg taking her son on an evening stroll in Walrus Bay, as she passes a hunter returning empty-handed.
Beach life in the Arctic

Outside of town, it is essential to carry a weapon to fend off potential polar bears. This past summer, two bears were shot in defence. They go towards the annual hunting quota of 35 polar bears.
That will be 5000 Kronas

At the beginning and end of every summer, a cargo ship arrives with supplies for the town. Over winter, when the bay is blocked by sea ice, the supermarket gets produce flown in with a helicopter every fortnight. The prices reflect the effort it takes to bring a cucumber to the world’s most isolated town.
They are here, too

European cruise ships are making tourism a growing industry--and the most obvious alternative to hunting. The passengers only stop for three hours and take approximately three thousand photographs.
Fire and ice

Local firefighters at work after a false alarm on bright summer night.
Dry today, rain tomorrow

Western powers have fought over influences in Scoresby Sund because the area gives the power to predict weather in the North Atlantic. A weather balloon is released every twelve hours.

On latitude 70° North, summers are the only time when rain does not freeze into snow.